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Average Office Fit Out Costs

One of the most common questions we get asked is “How much does a fit-out cost?” To assist potential clients with answering this question, we’ve used our wealth of knowledge and experience in preparing the information below. In very simple terms, your project cost is dependent on two main factors.

Office fit outs costs vary according to the level of finish required. We have provided the following budget information that may be of assistance in the initial planning stages of your office relocation or refurbishment. These costs can be largely affected by your technical specification such as your comms room, AV and security requirements and the below should be treated as a guide only.

Average Office Fit Out Costs 

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Offices vary massively in terms of usage and function, so there are many possibilities when it comes to the outcome of a fit-out or refurbishment project.

As a rough rule of thumb, a comprehensive refurbishment project could range from 

$600 to $800 Per Square Metre. This would include a reception, a variety of meeting rooms, café/tea point, new furniture, new air conditioning etc. 

If cash is a concern and you want a fit-out, that’s attractive and functional, but with no added extras, a basic package is probably the best option. To increase flexibility, accommodate growth and make diversification a straightforward process, we usually recommend an open plan office at this sort of budget.

An open-plan environment can be filled with modular workstations, as well as be subdivided using cost-effective partitions. Through sub-division, it’s possible to carve out one or two meeting rooms, as well as create a breakout area, a staff room and any other specific features needed.

Reception is likely to be a fairly modest affair, incorporating a desk, but little else. Because this type of environment is popular with businesses that don’t have a customer-facing environment, a Reception area isn’t always needed.

These figures are intended as a guide only. We don’t operate a cookie-cutter approach to our work, providing we treat each client as a unique proposition. It’s perfectly possible to mix and match features to create a custom solution that’s exactly right for what you’ve got in mind. Get in touch to find out more about our office fit-out options or to tell us what you’re looking for.

But getting a handle on the costs doesn’t have to be a daunting task – the first step is knowing what you need to budget for. And there is more to a fit-out than “meets the eye”.


Obvious costs include furniture, flooring, doors and computer equipment, but what about those costs that are often overlooked when first thinking about a budget – lighting, electrical wiring and mechanical services (air conditioning)?

These items and others like audiovisual equipment, data/communications and security might not immediately spring to mind when you consider your office interior design. Still, they are fundamental to the effective functioning of any workplace and are not insignificant costs in a modern and compliant fit-out.

Here is a quick checklist of the items you’ll need to factor into your office fit-out costs.

  • Reception and waiting areas
  • Partitioning – for offices
  • Security and access
  • Meeting rooms
  • Kitchen and breakout areas
  • Furniture
  • Data and communications – internet, telephone, internal networks
  • Electrical and wiring
  • Mechanical (air conditioning)
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Doors
  • AV costs (TVs/presentation equipment etc.)

Making Structural Changes

  • Will the changes to your office be cosmetic – painting, carpet, lighting?
  • Demolishing or moving walls?
  • Exposed ceilings?

Structural changes to your fit-out will increase the costs of your fit-out as opposed to cosmetic changes to your space, due to work being greater in complexity.

If you are taking over a new space that has elements of an existing fit-out (E.g. Existing workstations), this will be more cost-effective to move into space as it is. However, businesses often overlook the longer-term cost of changing the way they work to suit the previous tenant’s fit-out. It may suit your budget when you are moving, but it’s very important to analyse the damage it may cause to the fabric and makeup of your teams. If taking over an existing fit-out, it is good to take the time to consider your workspace and how it aligns with the way your teamwork. What can departmental adjacencies be made to streamline your work and make the work environment more productive?

What is your project timeline?

The timeline to complete the works will determine the cost of your final budget. The shorter the timeline, the more weekend and out of hours work that will need to be carried out to ensure you move into your new space on time, resulting in increased costs.

Structural works mentioned above will also require building permits, so it is necessary to allow extra time for these to be applied for and approved of.

Landlords and building managers also stipulate that some works be completed outside business hours to eliminate disruption for other tenants. (E.g. Noisy works)

How much office space do you need?

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It is essential to provide employees with an environment that will support their work needs and create a workspace with the right mix of spaces, balancing communal workspaces that correspond to the type of work tasks they perform.

Determining how much space your company needs should involve more than just how many employees you are currently accommodating. Your new workplace today must support its future hires and staff growth into the future.

Although guidance exists on a range of fit-out costs, the date you plan on getting back to work has a lot to do with the final price of your fit-out. You can mitigate any expensive challenges by planning ahead of time and working within a realistic timeframe. It’s important to consider any potential company losses while your office undergoes any major structural changes—minimising staff and customer/client inconvenience is key here. Keep in mind that a lot of work goes into an office fit-out, and your completion date will be determined by the complexity of the design, the approval stage, and management of the construction phase.

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As a rough guide, the average cost for a fit-out is around $800 to $1250 per square meter.

This depends on the job though, so fill out the form below or call us 0400 421 461 for a job-specific quote.

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