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Hair Salon Design Ideas

The hair and beauty industry is all about appearance, which means your salon will be judged on its image. In today’s world of social media, an eye catching interior can help attract hundreds of followers to your business via Instagram or any other platform! So make sure you have a statement décor that tells who you are as well as what kind of service(s) you offer when someone walks in the door. You don’t want them to think they’re walking into just another average looking establishment so give it some pizazz with these do’s and don’ts!

Decide on your main colours

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When it comes to your salon’s colour theme, do you already have a palette that has been consistent in all of your design and marketing? Your choice for colours should align with the personality type of both yourself and customer base.

Your chosen shades are not only important because they offer an instant way to express what kind of person or business you portray – but also contain powerful meanings people can relate their own experiences too!

The environment of a salon is so important! That’s why choosing the perfect color scheme for your space can make all the difference. Think about it: Tiffany & Co and their signature eggshell blue – think that’s just coincidence? Nope, they knew what they were doing when designing an iconic brand image. Your colour theme should be carefully chosen before you start to redecorate your salon because this will determine how everything in there fits together as well giving you another way to stand out from other salons…or not!

Black and White

If you’re looking for a sleek, stylish salon with an eye-catching color palette and plenty of minimalist design features to draw the attention away from your hair cut then this is the place. From red accents in every corner like on shelves and knobs against white walls or black seating contrasted by shiny stainless steel everything has been thought through so that it will entice everyone who walks in.

White Out

The almost all-white salon makes it’s rectangle tiles, portable cart and pillow of the chair pop. The details such as the blinds and baseboard heater are easy to see with an eye popping color scheme like this one.

A Pop of Lime Green

Lime green is a perfect color for the salon, drawing attention without being overwhelming. The shelves and cupboards are also lime green while stainless steel chairs give this modern look an even more polished finish. Dark tiled floors and plain white walls round out this sleek design beautifully!

A Pop of Pink

Fun and feminine pink seating in the shape of lips welcomes visitors to this salon, which is styled with chic black tiles on a white wall. The matching styling chairs pop against these accent walls while modern oval mirrors keep customers comfortable as they wait their turn for services.

Neon Colors are Fresh and Modern

The bright, neon-like color of the salon stands out in a way that makes it feel classy and earthy. The soft glow from the lights is reflected off stainless steel bases and large mirrors to make for an environment where you can relax while getting your nails done.

Make your lighting on point

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Great lighting can make everything look better. Not only will photos turn out more professional if the light is great, but your lamps in themselves are a way to add some seriously stylish pieces to any room’s interior design.

Pendant Lights Add Brightness

The salon is remarkably bright and welcoming, with stainless steel pendant lights illuminating the space. Whether you’re looking for a haircut or just want to get your nails done, this spot will make it an easy experience that’s both fun and relaxing!

White and Grey Paired with Lights

Countless adjustable flush-mounted lights dot the ceiling to make this salon feel like a stage where customers are stars! Sheer grey curtains hang from the ceiling and oversized mirrors greet every stylist chair. The chairs themselves, crisp white with see-through bases and armrests for contemporary design, glow in light reflected off of semi glossy textured flooring. Bases on each chair as well as countertops are all made out of stainless steel which reflects any baby blue light that’s shined upon them – ya know; just because they can’t stay mad at you no matter what color your hair is!

Mirrors Expand Space and reflect Light

Mirrors that cover almost all of the wall expand this salon. The black and stainless steel chairs complement the white walls and glossy light grey floors, while shelves filled with red products accentuate your presence in this space.

Put fresh greens everywhere

Taking photos with plants is all the rage! I know, it sounds strange. But haven’t you noticed so many photos with tropical plant leaves in them? They’re everywhere!

It’s not just for those who like to garden and have a green thumb either – adding potted or living plants around your salon makes you look fresher, younger, and more vibrant.  They give an earthy feel to any space while also being another way of bringing colour into your decor which screams ‘take my photo!’

Textured Walls Adds Interest

The Salon gives off a warm and soothing ambience with cream colors and wood trim in the decor. The salon has square black chairs paired with stainless steel bases, giving it an old school barber shop feel reminiscent of 1950s America. A textured wallpaper contributes to this feeling as does the flooring that is tiled white contrasting against beige walls on either side from ceiling to wall-a throw back to simpler times? And what about those canister lights hanging down adding some interest; they are placed together well which contrasts nicely against their surroundings creating light fixtures high above them like stars shining amongst dark clouds at night.

Bright Fuchsia Creates an Energetic Salon

An accent wall painted neon fuchsia paired with grey-blue walls and pale yellow walls provides an eye catching backdrop for fun details such as a mirrored clock on the wall. When combined with large white chunky framed mirrors in front of styling chairs, your salon will be modern looking yet stylish!

Diva Chic

A white beadboard wall and black framed mirrors paired with the sleek, modern chairs make this salon super chic. The simple shelves hold colourful products that are unique to your needs.

Sunshine Yellow Adds Warmth

A raised ceiling accented by detailed trim adds some interest and opens up the room. Pale yellow walls, sunshine yellow frames around mirrors and shelves brighten up this salon with black chairs, dark tile, & dark wood accents offsetting it all. Glass shelving makes them seem invisible against a subtle background of pale yellows reflected in behind-mirrors paired with warm browns that pop out from products on display

The Barber Shop Elevated

Come to a place where you can relax and breathe easy. The warm brick walls, oak ceiling and floors topped with gloss create an inviting environment for all who enter the barbershop. You’ll feel at home in one of our famous brown buttery leather chairs while we take care of your hair needs!

We know that the salon interior design is one of the most important decision you make for your business. With our collection, we can help to create a space where both clients and stylists are happy with their choices. We have furniture and equipment designed by industry leaders who understand how best to provide high-quality services in an environment every client will fall in love with!

Enough looking at other people’s amazing setups, now it’s time to build your own. Get inspired!

Keep in mind that no area is too small for a salon; switch items around where you need to and feel free to cut out unnecessary junk from the layout if needed. If artwork or color schemes are causing problems with room size, try painting over them with contrasting colors of paint so as not interfere with whatever hair style design you plan on doing most often (hint: red goes well against black).

Finally remember that there will be plenty more inspiration waiting just by scrolling through this article- never stop dreaming about what could come next!

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