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Hair Salon Design Ideas

The hair and beauty industry, by its very nature, is all about appearance. This means your salon will often be judged on its appearance. Not only this, but social media now makes the image a huge selling point of your salon, with stand-out interiors attracting hundreds of Instagram followers. So, make sure your décor is a statement about who you are and what you’re all about

So, if you want to pick up some salon decor ideas, take a look at some do’s and don’ts of how to go about decorating yours…

Decide on your main colours

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Do you already have a colour palette that you’ve been using consistently in all of your marketing, design, and decor?

Your colour theme is so important because it is a way to express what kind of personality you and your salon have, without someone even stepping in your doors.

It’s also a way for you to get recognized based on your colours alone. Think of Tiffany’s and their eggshell blue – a signature colour.

Deciding on your colour theme is also important before you get started on redecorating. That way, whatever you set up in your salon will be “on brand” with your colours. 

Black and White

The sharp contrast between black and white paired with the polished look of stainless steel gives this salon a sleek and stylish look. Add some large mirrors, fluorescent lighting, and red accents for a contemporary feel. The glossy red shelves and knobs on the white wall shelf pop and the black seating and the spray bottles on the white floating shelves.

White Out

An almost all-white salon makes the rectangle tiles, portable cart, and pillow of the chair pop and draws the eye to the small details such as the blinds and the baseboard heater.

A Pop of Lime Green

Lime green draws the eye to it. This salon incorporated the bright hue without overdoing it. It is perfectly paired with the shelves and cupboards, and the stainless steel of the chairs finishes off the look. The dark tiled floors and plain white walls help pull this modern look together.

A Pop of Pink

Fun bubblegum pink seating in the shape of lips greets customers when they visit this salon, and the matching pink styling chairs pop against the white walls and grey shelving. There is also a black tile accent on the floor that makes this salon very stylish and modern. The vanity lights around the oval mirrors stand out even when they are not lit.

Neon Colors are Fresh and Modern

Neon yellow-green pops in this white and grey salon. Natural wood floors and accents and a striped accent wall make this Modern salon feels earthy and sophisticated, and the bright colours of the nail polish really stand out against the background. The soft glow of the lights is reflected by the large mirrors and stainless steel bases of the bright chairs.

Make your lighting on point

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Good lighting makes everything look better. Not only will photos turn out better if the lighting is great, but your lamps in themselves are another way to stand out and add some seriously stylish pieces. 

Pendant Lights Add Brightness

Numerous hanging stainless steel pendant lights brighten up this salon and highlight the black and stainless steel chairs. The Medium blue walls accent the maroon chevron stripe painted on the drawers with stainless steel knobs.

White and Grey Paired with Lights

Countless adjustable flush-mounted lights dot the ceiling to makes the salon feel like a stage where the customers are the stars. Sheer grey curtains hang from the ceiling, and oversized mirrors are in front of every stylist chair. The chairs are crisp white with see-through bases and armrests for a contemporary design. The mirrors glow with a baby blue light, and the light is reflected off of the semi-glossy grey textured floor. The bases of the chairs and the counters are stainless steel and reflect the light given off by the mirrors.

Mirrors Expand Space and reflect Light

Mirrors that cover almost all of the wall expands the space in this salon. The black and stainless steel chairs complement the white walls and glossy light grey floors. Grey shelves highlight the bright red of the product packaging.

Put fresh greens everywhere

Taking photos with plants is all the rage! I know, it sounds strange. But haven’t you noticed so many photos with tropical plant leaves in them? They’re everywhere!

Adding plants around your salon makes you look fresher, younger, and more vibrant. 

Plus, they’re another way to add colour to your decor, so it’s begging for a photo! 

Textured Walls Adds Interest

This salon gives off a soft and warm ambience with cream colours and wood trim and tables. Paired with square-shaped black chairs with stainless steel bases, a salon that has the feel of a 1950s barbershop. The textured wallpaper and flooring adds some interest and keeps it simple. The canister lights help to highlight certain parts of this salon and the white ceiling contrasts with the beige-coloured walls and large tiled floor.

Bright Fuchsia Creates an Energetic Salon

An accent wall is painted neon fuchsia paired with grey-blue walls and pale yellow walls to highlight fun details such as a mirrored clock on the wall. When paired with extra-large white chunky framed mirrors in front of grey-blue styling chairs, you have a modern and stylish-looking salon.

Diva Chic

A white beadboard wall and black framed mirrors paired with the black and white buttoned chairs. The simple white shelves hold colourful products and the glossy marbled tile floors make this salon super chic and modern.

Sunshine Yellow Adds Warmth

A raised ceiling accented by detailed trim adds some interest and opens up the room. Pale yellow walls and sunshine yellow frames around large mirrors and shelves brighten up this salon and offset the black chairs, dark tile, and dark wood. The glass shelves make them seem as if they are invisible and the colours of the products on them pop against the subtle yellow that’s reflected by the mirror behind them.

The Barber Shop Elevated

Warm brick walls and oak ceiling and floors with a hint of gloss create a warm and inviting environment. The famous barber pattern frames the large window, and the dark brown buttery leather chairs complement the vintage look of the hanging metal pendant lights.

Suppose you’re looking for some inspiration on how to achieve the perfect salon interior design. In that case, we are known for helping create the salon space you’ll love with our salon furniture and equipment, our salon furniture collections gives you the salon design inspiration that will allow your perfect look to come to life. Choose the whole collection, or take elements from the look to enhance your existing salon space.

Enough looking at other people’s dream setups, now it’s time to build your own. Get inspired!

Keep in mind that no area is too small for your salon, switch items around where you need to and feel free to cut unnecessary junk from your build to make space for the equipment that you need.

If you ever get discouraged, feel free to look back at all of these great setups for some quick inspiration.

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