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Industrial Office Fit Out Ideas

A cast concrete floor and the removal of suspended ceilings combined with vintage office items are perfect examples of an industrial office. 

You and your employees will spend at least 40 hours per week (and about 2,000 hours per year!) in the office. How you organise the space between those four walls can affect not just aesthetic appeal but also comfort and how much work gets done.

Reworking your office layout is about more than just utilising the workplace efficiently. Studies show that office layout and other environmental factors affect employee well-being, financial success, and productivity. A poorly designed office can leads to higher stress levels, emotional rifts between departments, corporate resentment, employee bickering, mental health issues, anxiety, and even physical problems such as backaches and reduced eye vision. Properly utilising office space, however, can foster collaboration, generate feelings of comfort and calm, provide employees with their own space, and promote productivity.

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Planning the layout of your office space will require more than just rearranging some desks. Be prepared to select furniture, manipulate lighting, purposefully leave some floor space open, and purchase decor. Whether you’re moving into a brand new location or your current space needs a change, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to create an ideal environment for your business. Here’s what you need to know about optimising your office layout before you make any purchases or hire professional design help.

Add Art

Art always has a lot to offer in terms of improving the aesthetics of a space. Add some art to your industrial space to spice things up. Make sure that the art you choose is a reflection of your company’s values, brand, and reputation. The right art in industrial space for rent can be a game-changer.

Bricks and Concrete.

Many attics and old buildings and factories come with a wall of brick or concrete. With industrial interior design, these can become unique features when space is re-styled or repurposed.

Bricks and concrete features such as eye-catching accent walls stand out and provide great conversation starters with clients—the more worn, the better.

Concrete is a fabulous and economical choice for the industrial interior design look. It can be polished to a high gloss or left matte or unfinished for a more rustic appeal. Leaving nail heads and seams exposed pulls off the industrial chic. Concrete is also very versatile and can be used for floors, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, fireplaces and lots more.

Balancing it all with Lighting, Furniture and Accessories.

The ‘warehouse look‘ requires careful considerations when choosing lighting, furniture and accessories. Vintage and/or classical pieces work well here, offsetting the cold, bare features of the building. Plush couches, plants, scatter cushions, rugs and even bean bags are the order of the day as you take your space a notch further to bring warmth to that cold contemporary industrial design feel.

Lighting is an important concept to think about in any space, especially in industrial spaces. Choosing warm lighting can be more inviting for employees and help them enjoy going to work. Without proper lighting, space can appear dark and cold. This can have a detriment on the morale of employees and people that are spending time in the building.

Exposed pipes, beams and ducts.

The first signature element of every industrial looking office has become a very popular interior design idea among those who want to achieve the ‘unfinished’ and raw look. It is a smart and bold move and a great choice for all-white spaces. Bright walls offer a fabulous contrast to metal piping, providing even more light to the room and making it look visually bigger.

This look perhaps resulted out of necessity, as designers sought to convert old or abandoned warehouses, factories and barns into spaces conducive to urban consumption. This design style celebrates engineering and mechanical ingenuity and presents an interesting opportunity to juxtapose the raw with the refined, the sleek and modern with the vintage and classic. Practicality meets creativity, with the added benefit of effectively eliminating the cost of covering all exposed features.

Neutral Colours.

Warm, neutral colours are generally favoured for large and open spaces. Such hues help to bring visual warmth to an area that might otherwise be overwhelmed by the coolness of metal pipes and ducts. Earth tones of green and brown work well, as do shades of grey.

Organise Everything

Industrial space for rent is usually spacious. That’s why organisation is a skill that’s key for improving the appearance of industrial space. Make sure that your office layout takes advantage of natural light and does not feel too disorderly. Keep files and documents in designated spaces that are uncluttered and take advantage of any extra space you have available.

Plants Bring Spaces to Life

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Bringing plants into industrial space can make a huge difference in the appearance of it. They are an inexpensive and practical way to increase creativity and oxygen flow within the space. The positive effects that plants and greenery can have on employees make adding plants to the office space real estate a fantastic idea.

Wood over Metal and Vice Versa.

A profusion of wood and metal surfaces are showcased in nearly every industrial-style interior. This beautiful textural interplay of grainy, earthy wood versus the smooth, lustrous metal is what leads many first to consider industrial chic.

Fantastic for open-plan offices or businesses wanting to achieve an urban chic statement look, the industrial trend is here to stay. Minimalist yet bold, an office space with an industrial touch can help you showcase your brand’s personality in a simple and professional way. Think exposed ceilings and rafters, rustic floorboards, concrete features, you name it, and we can do it all for you.

From colour palette selections to designing 3D renders, manufacturing custom furniture pieces and more, Progressive Office will deliver on all your requirements regarding industrial office designs on time and budget every time.

Offices come in all shapes and sizes, from huge open spaces to cosier ones geared toward smaller companies.

Don’t let these steps put you off, creating an industrial interior that will allow your business to grow and flourish. Choosing the right industrial office fit out contractor will take care of the above steps and guide you through the process.

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