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Industrial Office Fit Out Ideas

The office space is an important part of many people’s lives, and most will spend at least 40 hours per week there. You want to make sure the environment not only looks good but feels comfortable as well so you can get work done with minimal distraction from other factors like noise or temperature control. The removal of suspended ceilings combined with vintage items such as concrete floors are a perfect example for how industrial offices should look – they have plenty of character that your employees won’t ever forget!

It is important to take into consideration office layout and environmental factors when redesigning your workspace. Studies show that a poorly designed space can lead to higher stress levels, emotional rifts between departments, corporate resentment among employees, mental health issues such as anxiety or backaches; even physical problems like reduced eye vision may occur! On the other hand though an optimally used workplace leads away from these things in favour of collaboration-generating feelings of comfort and calmness for those who work there.

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Are you looking for the perfect office space to set up your business? You’ll need more than just some desks and a window, as we will show. We can help with selecting furniture, lighting choices that improve productivity, purposely opening floor spaces in order to create an open feel while still having private offices on demand when necessary and purchasing decor items such as plants or artwork which speak volumes about who is running this operation! Here’s what you need to know about optimising your office layout before you make any purchases or hire professional design help.

Add Art

When your company is looking for an industrial space to rent, the right art can make all the difference in terms of aesthetics and value. Consider adding paintings or sculptures that reflect your brand values when choosing appropriate artwork for any room you are considering renting out.

Bricks and Concrete.

Many buildings and factories come with brick or concrete walls. With industrial interior design, these can become unique features when space is re-styled or repurposed. Bricks are a classic element in many homes today—even if the home was not built that way originally. Industrial designers love to integrate them into their designs for both old spaces as well as new ones because they instantly create an interesting statement within any room setting while also giving it some character no matter how small the area may be!

Concrete is a fabulous and economical choice for the industrial interior design look. You can choose to have it polished or left matte, but either way you’re sure to get that rustic feel without sacrificing quality. Concrete also has many different uses in your home–both indoor and outdoor!

Balancing it all with Lighting, Furniture and Accessories.

The ‘warehouse look’ is a design aesthetic that requires careful lighting, furniture and accessory considerations. Vintage or classical pieces work well here offsetting the cold bare features of this type of building. Plush couches, plants, scatter cushions rug are great as they bring warmth to your space which can have an otherwise austere feel with its contemporary industrial style.

There are so many ways that you can add personality to your space with the perfect lighting. Warm lights will make everyone feel a little more at home and create an inviting atmosphere for people who work there every day. You’ll also want to ensure natural light is streaming in through windows, which not only provides great illumination but makes it much cozier too!

Exposed pipes, beams and ducts.

The first signature element of every industrial looking office has become a very popular interior design idea among those who want to achieve the ‘unfinished’ and raw look. It is a smart and bold move that can be used in any space, from all-white rooms to eclectic spaces where metal piping contrasts nicely with bright walls for an inviting feel.

This look is perhaps the result of necessity, as designers sought to convert old or abandoned warehouses, factories and barns into spaces conducive for urban consumption. This design style celebrates engineering and mechanical ingenuity while presenting an interesting opportunity to juxtapose raw with refined materials in a space that typically would not be exposed without this conversion process. Practicality meets creativity when you eliminate the cost of covering all sections because they are being creatively used instead!

Neutral Colours.

Warm, neutral colours are generally favoured for large and open spaces. These hues help to bring visual warmth to an area that might otherwise be overwhelmed by the coolness of metal pipes and ducts. Earth tones of green or brown work well as do shades of grey which can make a space feel more inviting than full-on white paint would ever allow it too!

Organise Everything

Industrial space for rent is usually spacious. That’s why organisation skills are key when it comes to improving the appearance of industrial spaces. Make sure your office layout takes advantage of natural light and does not feel too disorderly, as this will make you more productive in that environment while also making a better impression with clients who might visit from time-to-time or even just stop by at lunch if they happen to be near by! Keep files and documents in designated areas that have been organised so there isn’t an overwhelming feeling present – uncluttering desks can help create workstations which provide plenty of extra storage without being cluttered either!

Plants Bring Spaces to Life

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Plants are the perfect way to bring some life and color into your office space. They help increase creativity, so they’re great for brainstorming sessions! Not only that but it’s also shown how plants can boost morale as well – who doesn’t want a bit of green in their work day?

Wood over Metal and Vice Versa.

Industrial chic has become a popular home decorating trend in recent years. The contrast between rough, textured wood and smooth metal is what makes the style so eye-catching – often leading homeowners to consider this design aesthetic their first choice for an industrial look that’s both eclectic and cozy at the same time!

Industrial chic is here to stay, and we can help you achieve your office space goals. With a minimalist yet bold look that showcases the brand personality in simple ways, industrial style works for any open-plan offices or businesses looking to stand out with their new facility. Let us handle all of the design – exposed ceilings and rafters are just one option!

In the industrial world, offices come in all shapes and sizes – from huge open spaces to cosier ones geared toward smaller companies. Progressive Office will deliver on all your requirements regarding these needs with colour palette selections for furniture pieces that are designed specially by you or their design team as well as 3D renders of what it would look like before moving forward too quickly! They can also help out if there is a need for custom manufacturing at any point during an office’s life cycle.

Industrial office spaces are perfect if you’re looking to grow your business. But they can be daunting, especially for those who have no experience in the design and construction industry. Don’t worry though – with a bit of guidance from an experienced industrial office fit out contractor, this process will become easy as pie!

Ideas For Industrial Fit-Outs

Industrial design is a popular choice for modern office spaces, especially for tech companies, startups, and design firms. This style embraces raw, unfinished aesthetics, creating a unique and functional workspace. Here are some industrial office fit-out ideas:

  1. Exposed Structural Elements: Keep visible the raw elements of the building, such as bricks, concrete, ductwork, beams, and pipes. This adds character and authenticity to the industrial aesthetic.
  2. Metal and Wood Elements: Use furniture and fixtures that combine metal and wood, embodying the industrial theme. Metal desks with wooden tops or wooden shelves with metal brackets are great examples.
  3. Open Floor Plan: Embrace an open office layout to create a sense of spaciousness. This also fosters collaboration and communication among employees.
  4. Industrial Lighting: Opt for pendant lights with Edison bulbs, metal light fixtures, or track lighting. The right lighting can enhance the industrial feel while ensuring adequate illumination for work.
  5. Minimalist Furniture: Choose simple, functional furniture with clean lines. Avoid ornate or overly decorative pieces that can clash with the industrial aesthetic.
  6. Warehouse Windows: If possible, incorporate large, steel-framed windows. They not only bring in natural light but also add to the industrial look.
  7. Raw Finishes: Keep finishes raw and unfinished. This includes polished concrete floors, bare brick walls, and exposed metal surfaces.
  8. Use of Iron and Steel: Incorporate elements of iron and steel in the form of staircases, railings, or furniture. These materials are durable and complement the industrial design.
  9. Bold, Neutral Color Palette: Stick to a colour palette of neutrals and earth tones. Grays, blacks, whites, and browns work well in an industrial setting.
  10. Vintage Accessories: Sprinkle in some vintage or repurposed items such as old lockers for storage
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