Office Renovation Ideas

A good office renovation benefits a business in various ways ranging from boosting employee morale to leaving clients with a good impression of you and your company. Despite the expenses and stress an office renovation could potentially bring, it does pay itself off by offering plenty of advantages that bring positive effects further down the track.

A right-fit office renovation is not an easy task, and it requires proper and comprehensive planning beforehand. Also choosing the right contractors for your office renovation is particularly important. Those are the two main factors for a successful office renovation, getting both achieved can ensure your office renovation runs smoothly and finishes within a set timeframe.

Based on many years of office and shop space renovation experience, we have several office renovation ideas that help you through the whole process. 

Ergonomic Furniture

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Going ergonomic is the best choice for office refurbishment. Ergonomic pieces like keyboards, desks, and chairs are an investment in style, health, and productivity.

Ergo furniture minimises pain. Keyboards that fit the natural curve of your hand provide better support for your wrists. As well, this type of furniture promotes good posture, which in turn supports good health in the office.

Employees who work in comfortable environments deliver higher quality work. They have fewer distractions–pain and discomfort–which leads to a boost in productivity.

Green Up The Office

Moving your office to be more ‘green’ both in colour and footprint will make a difference to both your employees and the environment. ‘Going Green’ has been shown to have a positive effect on employee morale. Eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean cutting back, though, a few small changes can make a big difference.

Plants are an obvious contender. Research shows that just a single green plant in a workspace can have a significant impact on stress, anxiety, and depression. Other good ways to reduce your ecological footprint are switching out lights to LEDs or CFLs, turning off devices when not in use, and keeping printing to a minimum.

Incorporate a New Colour Scheme

The colours we are surrounded by having a profound influence on mood and mental state. Bland, utilitarian colours risk making people feel disconnected; dark colours such as black on the other hand create an atmosphere of authoritarian regimes, whereas bright and vivid colours can be distracting. The key is to find balance.

 Natural, earthy blues and greens are great at stimulating creativity and evoking feelings of optimism, while yellows and oranges create feelings of happiness, warmth, and energy.

Integrate the open-plan type of workspace

Offices with open plans are increasingly becoming more popular. The modern-day work environment demands a greater focus on enhanced collaboration and communication between employees. While open-office plans have been in use for many years now, their popularity is growing.

Although some critics argue that open plans can kill employee productivity due to interruption and noise, if implemented the right way, you can have a good balance between openness and privacy. You can achieve this by installing half partitions.

They’ll allow employees to collaborate and communicate while standing. Installing half partitions allow for privacy and still make it possible for employees to collaborate as needed.

You can also create the open-plan office design by using frosted partitions or office partitions that come with decorative films while still allowing for privacy. Such partitions create an appealing workspace.

Invest in creative wall art

Most people overlook the walls of their offices. However, you can make your office harmonious, textured, distinct, and polished by adding well-design and carefully crafted wall art.

Whether you’ll use the wall art for branding or as motivational designs and images, it’ll transform the walls from dull to bright.

You can also have your company’s logo printed on the wallpaper, or create colourful patterns, geometric graphics, and business visions.

Renovating The Bathroom 

The office bathroom design is often disregarded in an office renovation. Still, studies show that a new bathroom is one of the most impactful places you can improve to increase your overall office morale.

Begin by thinking about the colour and materials. Light colours are good at creating a feeling of cleanliness, but they also show up the inevitable dirt and grime. Select materials that are both easy to keep clean, but aren’t susceptible to staining. Another element to think about is fixtures. Commercial bathrooms are prone to using commercial fixtures which tend to have a cold and industrial feel. Seeking out fixtures with more warming, the homely aesthetic will encourage staff to feel more relaxed.

The Mirror Effect

Adding mirrors does more than refining the look of a small business office; they make a small office space look larger.

Try mounting mirrors near the windows. They reflect the outdoors and give the room an open feel. You could also add floor-length mirrors. They draw the eyes upward and add brightness to the room.

Use light as art

Maximising on natural lighting is great for enhancing the work environment. Research shows that employees who receive more amounts of natural lighting are more productive than those who don’t work under natural light. Natural lighting works by reducing stress, reducing energy use, and minimising illnesses.

You can also use it as fine art. You can make creative designs from light by making statement pieces and interactive sculptures out of it while still giving you all its other benefits.

Ensure there’s enough level of lighting at different work areas. Remember to adhere to any local lighting standards for workplaces.

Use plants to drive productivity

office w plants

You can add a touch of nature into the office by adding live plants. Studies show that nature boosts creativity and improves the efficiency of workers.


Living walls and plants that are properly placed in the office space create an inviting environment and add fresh air. Go for low-maintenance plants.

For instance, choose plant species that thrive without a lot of sunlight and water since you’ll be planting them indoors.

You can also add nature into the office by adding bamboo wallpaper, images of greenery and plants, and using natural materials like unpainted wood.

Office renovation should be done professionally. It will motivate not only your staff but also yourself. Office renovation will give your office a new look, and this is something you’ll end up celebrating. By involving the staff in the renovation design process, the feeling of ownership will inspire them to help create the perfect working environment, and with more creative minds at work. Office renovation as we have seen is not something that you can wake up one morning and start doing. Still, as we have seen in the article, you have to plan efficiently, and with the help of an office renovation expert, you’ll achieve your office renovation goals. The above highlights are some of the most important office renovation ideas to help to increase employee productivity as well as make your office a pleasant place for your customers to do business with you.

If you are considering talking to a professional renovation team, feel free to contact us. We are confident that we can complete any office renovation to your absolute satisfaction by getting the project done within budget and on time.

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