Interior Fit Out

What Are Interior Fit-Outs?

Thinking of revamping your existing space? Access Projects specialise in office fit-out design solutions. Work within the retail, hospitality, education and office spaces.

Interior fit-outs classify as adaptive reuse, commercial tenant fit-outs, and residential rehab design. The spaces that we experience 90% of the time are on the interior of a building which makes the design of the interior of the building one of the most important components of a design project. Interior fit-outs are a large contributor to implementing a sustainable practice. 

In adaptive reuse, using a building shell that exists as opposed to building a new building saves the embodied energy that has already been produced in the initial construction of a building. With older construction methods and trades losing traction, it is essential to restore the history and character of these existing buildings. 

Re-Defining Existing Buildings

Every space has different characteristics, restraints, and potentials. As a design firm, we strive to find the best possible solution for an interior fit-out to maximise the existing building potential. Our process allows us to quickly and efficiently move new components in 3D through a combination of visualisation software. Modelling tenant fit-outs, we are able to understand how varying ceiling heights, stackable components, and double-height spaces are able to layout in a responsible and responsive fashion. Understanding the new design of a space before it is constructed allows for faster construction times, less change orders, and greater accuracy of your vision.

This allows us as designers to flex our problem-solving capabilities to their full potential while also creating a visual form that is easy for our clients to understand.

Communication and Collaboration

Providing interior fit-outs has been able to help many clients with their architectural projects. Our architectural design team has valuable experience in warehouse conversions, residential space planning, feasibility studies, small business space planning, residential rehabs, 3rd story additions, and multi-family unit layouts. We understand the importance of creating an interesting dynamic space and getting the most out of your existing property.

Interior Fit Out

Core Measurables we measure ourselves by:

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  • Unmatched Workmanship
  • Maximum Efficiency

Change Your Interior

Office interior design says a great deal about how a company perceives itself. For a company that looks to the future and wishes to be perceived as a business that is always advancing, having high-quality, modern office interior design is important. It is worth investing in forward-thinking interiors because the more cutting edge and unique your interior office design is, the longer it will remain ‘in date’ and so will not need to be refurbished for a long time.

Office Interior Designs

If you are moving premises, consider the need for a new painting, partitions, carpets, furniture or workstations. This is a good time to get the office interior design done that you have always been wanting to, as if you are moving to a new location, you may as well make sure it is even better than the location you are leaving. Let us help you choose what is suitable for your office interior design in Melbourne. It is important that your clients feel that they have come to the right business, which you can achieve through the atmosphere that your office interior design creates. As part of our Melbourne office interior design, are you considering new technology for your workspace? If you want a wireless network, you won’t need desktop PCs and may instead want large-screen TVs in your boardroom and meeting rooms. You may want to have a soundproof room for recording podcasts or making videocasts, which you need to consider when choosing an interior fit-out contractor.

Fit-Out Services Can Provide the Following :


All specifications and variations of track & stud, plasterboard partition systems including acoustic systems, detailed bulkheads and curved walls.


We can competitively tender and provide complete plastering packages to meet specifications and requirements.

Glazed Partition Systems

Offer complete supply and professional installation of all glazed partition requirements, including market leaders.


As suspended ceiling and MF ceiling specialists can deliver and complete all types of ceiling and soffit installations of any size, specification or complexity.


Can offer a complete commercial electrical service from initial surveys and designs through to installation, testing and commissioning. Numerous years of experience providing professional electrical installations, including small power and cable management, power distribution and energy-efficient office lighting.


HVAC services nationwide including air-conditioning heating and cooling installations, extraction systems, ventilation and ducting design and installation packages to suit.

Carpentry & Joinery

Can supply and deliver high-quality carpentry and joinery services with our in-house experienced and professional tradespeople, from fire rated door sets to bespoke sales counters and washroom IPS systems.


For a complete fit-out service, specify, supply and install the correct floor coverings for your project; our flooring contractor installation teams provide quality installations for a superior finish to each and every job. Having the source of the very best carpet, tiles, vinyl sheets and also ceramic and porcelain floor tiles to suit individual needs and budgets.


A professional decorating service for both day works and large-scale commercial contracts, to complete your new build or refurbishment to a detailed and high specification ready for handover.

Benefits of Interior Fit-Outs

If you are considering refurbishing, it is always a good idea to hand the project over to professional fit-out companies, as there are numerous advantages to doing so.

A Modern Look 

Most of the working spaces are going to become old with time. Professional contractors are completely equipped with innovative plans, which are not only going to make your office look beautiful but also the atmosphere for working is going to change completely.

The designs that professionals offer are futuristic and have a modern outlook. It is important that you understand that professionals have the knowledge to convert the conventional atmosphere of corporate into an enthusiastic, lively, and inspiring atmosphere. This is going to boost the business image as well as the people who are working there. 

Utilisation of Space

Nobody other than professionals can utilise space. People who work in a similar atmosphere regularly cannot see things in regard to the atmosphere.

Still, the people who have interior designing backgrounds have proper knowledge about utilising every little space that is available in a creative manner.

Creative people are going to convert a little space into a beautiful and stunning area by making use of a few resources, and also, they are not going to exceed the budget that you have. 

Integrity and Style

This is one important feature which is responsible for striking the greatest note on professional designers. Styles are definitely going to vary in accordance with the taste of the individuals as well as the budget.

Currently, interior designers, who are working on the offices, have numerous themes, and based on the budget that you have, you can select any theme. The materials, which they prefer using, help in bringing out the unique style as well as innovation of the working spaces. Apart from that, the integrity of the office can be taken care of. 

Save Money

You can save a lot of money if you are interested in interior fit-outs as opposed to refurbishing your office. You are going to come across different schemes and plans when you meet a professional.

It is completely dependent on you whether you want a plan which is lavish or something that is within your budget. No matter what, you can be assured that the schemes are going to be fantastic. 

What Phase of a Fit-Out Would You Say Is the Most Demanding?

The most complex and also the most important part is project preparation. When all the background information has been secured, and the project documentation well prepared, the rest of the project should just be routine. The project manager must have a clear idea of what will be addressed. 

Of the total time working on a project, the preparation takes up about 70%. The remainder is relatively straightforward because everyone is clear about what they should do.

A standard fit-out project generally lasts around a year from project preparation until final delivery. Unfortunately, the situation can arise during delivery when the client decides on a major change not taken into account in the original plan. 

In these situations, we are able to respond to the new requirement, even though it will obviously complicate the construction work. As a rule, small changes do not result in any major complications, and we are used to incorporating them into our work.

Are You Aware of Any Trends Regarding the Furnishing of Office Interiors?

Thanks to IT technology, the design of workplaces is changing significantly. The standard concept with each person having a fixed workstation with a large desk and a lot of storage space has been turned on its head.

Many companies today work on the home office principle, where people do not have to attend the office every day. Employees share workstations and can move around – there are zones in the form of cafes, bars and relaxation spaces. Offices are starting to be intelligent.

On entering such an office, there is no need to turn lights on, adjust the heating or draw the blinds. Everything happens automatically and individually. Clients are increasingly installing phone booths for private calls. We have also come across the installation of a gym directly on office premises.

It is the advances in technology that enable employees to move freely and remain connected. This trend was set by IT companies but is now also starting to filter through into the banking sector, which has traditionally been a very conservative environment. Previously everyone had their own closed office.

Today priority is given to an environment with greater freedom and openness. It is not unusual for the managing director to sit in the same open space as his subordinates. Employers now give consideration to retaining staff, not just with financial packages but also by providing an attractive work environment. This also helps attract new staff.

Finding an Interior Fitout Company

An interior fit-out company will work with the goal of facilitating the installation of ceilings and other interior decors based on a client’s preferences.

shop fit out idea 1

An experienced company will treat every desire of a client uniquely, as all services are designed to suit individual requirements. They will understand that everyone has distinct tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing an interior.

Providing practical expertise and innovative solutions to any interior project is also of value, whether it is a simple matter of updating an office design or a more complex, creative plan.

Finding highly skilled professionals that can manage a large commercial or smaller fit-outs can change productivity, and customer experience or improve collaboration and creativity in your environment.

For you to obtain the most out of an interior fit-out service, choosing a company with over ten years of experience is vital. A company with involvement in the internal fit-out trade with the resources and capacity to attend to the complex needs of their clients.

The interior layout, best colour coordination and aesthetically pleasing qualities are vital to every space for your fit-out. Accomplishing this is made by investing in the right place and choosing the best fit-out experts for your requirements. Selecting your interior fit-out team can be made easily by electing experts who have comprehensive experience in construction and refurbishments for commercial constructions through to residential buildings.

Interior Fit-Out Contractors

The greeting area is an important part of any office design. The appropriate impression must be made on customers, prospects, and partners from the very first point of contact. The best approach to achieve this is to select a visually impressive interior fit-out that makes a strong first impression on customers.

It may be tempting to skimp on things like workplace furnishings during these tough economic times. However, the truth is that you can save money in the long run by choosing the best interior fit-out contractors, materials, and design aspects when creating an office space. Office interior design is an investment in your business as a whole because the number of consumers or clients you attract is correlated with how nice your office looks.

Provide dilapidated surveys to document the state of a building and all of its parts and systems before, during, and after a lease. This is a comprehensive service that takes note of both big and minor structural damage. The next step is for us to create a comprehensive plan of action and cost estimates.

Provide a comprehensive suite of in-house services for interior fit-outs, allowing us to maintain control and adaptability throughout the project’s planning and management phases. In addition to commercial flooring, we also do structural work, building services, joinery, and fabrications. We are known for our innovative and functional solutions to every problem, especially when it comes to MF ceilings, suspended ceilings, and partitioning systems.

We provide a bespoke solution that is not just valued for money but also delivers peace of mind and ease in managing your project, no matter how complex it may be. This includes design and space planning, furniture sourcing, and fit-out. And because we understand your organisation as it is our own, we can tailor our recommendations to your specific working environment.


Interior fit-outs refer to the process of making the interior space of a building suitable for occupation. Essentially, it’s the procedure of transforming an empty, raw space into a functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environment that meets the specific needs and preferences of the users.

Interior fit-outs can be applied to a variety of environments, including offices, retail stores, restaurants, and residential spaces. The process can involve a wide range of tasks, including:

  1. Space Planning: This involves creating a functional layout for the space that facilitates its intended use, whether that’s the efficient workflow in an office, customer traffic in a retail store, or comfortable living in a residential property.
  2. Design and Aesthetics: This includes choosing colour schemes, finishes, lighting, and decorative elements that align with the desired aesthetic and brand image.
  3. Installation of Infrastructure: Depending on the nature of the space, this can include installing or upgrading electrical systems, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and IT infrastructure.
  4. Furniture and Equipment: Selecting, sourcing, and installing furniture and equipment that align with the space’s functional needs and aesthetics.
  5. Partitioning: Creating distinct areas within the space, such as individual workplace offices or home rooms.
  6. Compliance: Ensuring that all aspects of the fit-out comply with building codes, health and safety regulations, and accessibility standards.

The goal of an interior fit-out is to create a space that’s not only functional and safe but also comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a complex, multi-faceted process that often involves a team of professionals, including architects, interior designers, and contractors.

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