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Per Square Metre Office Fit Out Costs in Adelaide (A Rough Guide)

Are you looking for a new office in Adelaide, or perhaps to spice-up your existing office?

Office fit outs are complex projects that require detailed planning and expertise. They involve space planning, installation of meeting rooms, break out areas, partitioning, IT equipment, lighting branding and office furniture.

So before you consider whether or not an office fit-out is right for you–you might want to get a better understanding of the costs involved.

So let’s jump into some per square meter cost numbers for an office fit out in Adelaide.

Disclaimer: These figures are intended as a guide only. We don’t operate a cookie-cutter approach to our work, and every fit-out is unique. These are just some rough numbers, so you have some grounding in how much your office fit-out will cost. Get in touch with us to get a quote for your specific project.

Average Office Fit Out Costs Adelaide – Basic

Every project is unique, so you’ll always need to go through a detailed costing and design phase for your fit-out project ensuring you’ve met all the needs in your building. 

basic office fit out

Refurbishing or fitting out your office space is likely to disrupt your organisation. We can help you ensure that this is kept to a minimum and that you’re well equipped to manage the changes in your team.

From your internal communications to parking, temporary access routes and transport, we support our clients in many ways to ensure that their new office space is an outstanding success in every aspect, both during and after the works are completed.

Common Basis for the Basic Office Fit Out Costs in Adelaide: 

  • Limited meeting facilities, less than 10% of space
  • Paint to all walls
  • Low specification finishes and carpet throughout
  • Vinyl flooring to cafeterias
  • Minimal alterations to air conditioning and ventilation
  • Data points to equal desk positions
  • Locally procured furniture workstations

We get it, you probably want some numbers to help you get an idea of what you’re looking at when it comes to an actual office fit out. So, the average cost for basic office fit out in Adelaide is $600- $800 Per Square Metre (ex. GST) to help you get an idea of what your budget might look like.

Average Office Fit Out Costs Adelaide – Mid-Range

Office fit out costs rise as the spec level and size increases, and for what we would term a good quality office fit out, where durable, ergonomic furniture is selected.

office fit out

If you want your workplace to create the right impression, reflect your brand and culture, and provide a choice of spaces for workers, this would be our recommendation.

Common Basis for the Mid-Range Office Fit Out Costs in Adelaide:

  • Meeting facilities around 10%-25% of space, with part single glazed partitions
  • Alterations to less than 25% of the ceiling
  • Plasterboard ceiling to meeting rooms
  • Feature wall finishes to reception and cafeterias
  • Medium specification carpet and finishes
  • Hard flooring to reception
  • Alterations to air conditioning & ventilation to suit cellularisation
  • Multiple data points to each desk position

The average mid-range office fit out costs is $850 to $1,200 Per Square Metre (ex. GST) in Adelaide. This budget would allow the company to create a lovely work environment with some additional features and innovations that can have a major positive impact. It also allows for a greater level of structural changes and improvements to existing services such as lighting, cabling, flooring and AV.

Average Office Fit Out Costs Adelaide – High-End

A high-end office fit out generally means that the space is completely revamped. All feasible improvements are made, and that top quality, even bespoke furniture and joinery, is included within the design.

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We would consider every detail, from the front of the building and welcoming area, through to the toilets and even shower facilities…want a cinema room with integrated popcorn machine…no problem. Our client’s vision would very much lead us to create a workspace that is truly remarkable.

Common Basis for the High-end Office Fit Out Costs in Adelaide:

  • Meeting facilities to over 25% of space, with double glazed partitions
  • Alterations to over 25% of the ceiling
  • Features & plasterboard ceiling to reception and offices
  • Feature finishes to meeting rooms/offices
  • High specification carpet
  • Bespoke joinery to meeting rooms and offices
  • Hard flooring to cafeterias and finishes
  • Modification to air conditioning/ventilation along with new air conditioning units
  • Additional feature lighting
  • Wired data provision (future flexibility)
  • High end and/or imported furniture

If your project isn’t cost-centric, and no expense should be spared, we would present fit-out designs with an average cost of $2,000+ Per Square Metre (ex. GST) in Adelaide would work with the client to create their dream workplace.

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